Corporate Culture Fengjing Environmental Protection is committed to the research and innovation of exhaust gas treatment with the yearning for green environment and the love of environmental protection undertakings. It provides air purification solutions and equipment for customers. In line with the principle of environmental governance, Fengjing Environmental Protection carries the core value of environmental protection enterprises to assume social responsibility and adheres to the concept of sustainable development. "Dedicating ourselves to purifying the world" is our everlasting green dream and consistent vision. Nature is magical,he gives human life. Green is the color of life. Protecting the environment is out of respect for life. Pure environmental protection requires employees and enterprises to shoulder social responsibility together. In line with the concept of integrity, we strive to enhance the value of our products and services to customers, and hand in hand to return green to the earth! Enterprise Mission: Transfer Health and Fight Forever for Air Pollution Control Corporate Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Embracing the Future Enterprise Spirit: Innovation, Change and Perseverance Enterprise Purpose: Improve the Environment, Serve the Society and Benefit the People with Science and Technology Talent Idea: People-oriented, Concerted and Deed, and Co-development Innovative Idea: Keep up with the Times and Be Brave to Explore Management philosophy: rigorous, standardized, professional and fine Cooperation Concept: Equality, Mutual Benefit and Win-win Cooperation Market Concept: Tamping the Foundation and Steadily Developing

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